About ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS)

ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems is a management system standard published by International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) in 2016. As the title suggests, this standard sets out the requirements for the establishment, implementation, operation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an anti-bribery management system (ABMS). It also provides guidance on the actions and approaches organizations can take to adhere to the requirements of this standard. Through our training, participants will be able to master audit techniques and become competent in managing an audit programme, team, communication with auditee and conflict resolution audit.

Benefits of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS)

  • Enhancing existing controls
  • Company reliability
  • Strong reputations
  • International breakthrough
  • Reduce the risk of prosecution for non-compliance
  • Increase operational efficiencies
Course TitleFee/Pax (RM)
Fee/Pax (RM)
ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS): Awareness5002501
ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) : Understanding & Implementing10007002
ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) : Internal Auditing10007002
ISO 37001:2016 Risk Assessment & Due Diligence10007002
Lead Auditor ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)210014005
Three-In-One Course on ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS): Awareness, Understanding & Implementing and Internal Auditing21001400

The cost of participating in our training as listed above excluding SST fee. However, the course fee covers tuition, training materials and exam fee (if applicable).

Special early bird price offer (5% rebate from course price):  for the first three participants enrolled for each course.

Group enrolment price offer (10% rebate from course price): for group enrolments of at least three participants. All discounts are calculated from the full course fee.

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