MSPO-Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO OPMC)

The MSPO Certification Scheme is the national scheme in Malaysia for oil palm plantations, independent and organised smallholders, and palm oil processing facilities to be certified against the requirements of the MSPO Standards Certification. Trans Certification & Inspection is accredited by Department Standard Malaysia (DSM) for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil – Oil Palm Management system (OPMC) and Supply Chain Certification (SCCS).

New standard of MSPO MS2530:2022 has been started since 2023 with 18 months transition period till end of 2024.  By January 2025, this new standard shall be fully enforced to all national palm oil industry players at all levels.  The announcement on this matter is available on MPOCC website for references.

Among the main changes incorporated into new standard MS2530:2022 are as below:

The new MSPO MS2530:2022 standard shall be focus on modification of the part of the standards (depending on the scope of the business) as well as on the principles applied. Among the main highlights are:

  1. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 are further divided into few sub-parts depending on the scope of the certification.
  2. The MSPO SCCS certification requirements has been incorporated into Part 4 of the standard. Thus, there shall be no more MSPO SCCS certification program starting January 2025
  3. For organisation involved in dealership within this industry, they shall need to obligate with Part 4-3: General Principles for Dealers, the new introduce part for the standard. They include exporters, importers, bulkers, and etc.
  4. Incorporation of Principle 6 and Principle 7 of MS2530:2013 into other principles in MS2530:2022, making this new standard having only total of 5 principles compare to the previous standard.

Changes in Clause/principles between MS 2530:2013 and MS 2530:2022

MSPO Oil Palm Management Certification process.