MSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (MSPO SCCS)

The Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Certification Standard (MSPO SCCS) covers management requirements and traceability of the production throughout the supply chain from the raw materials to processing and manufacturing of palm oil and palm oil- based products. Each group of players must perform their respective roles and undertake responsibility to enable traceability of all activities throughout the palm oil supply chain.

For organisations to comply with MSPO SCCS, traceability can be achieved by mass balance or segregation method with the relevant corresponding traceability attributes and declarations. Thus, assuring that the product origin and its quantity can be uniquely identified and the quantity which has been withdrawn at the respective stage of the value chain does not exceed the supply. The MSPO SCCS is designed to deliver confidence and credibility to the customers and end users that the palm oil raw material originates from sustainably managed oil palm planted areas.

MSPO Supply Chain Certification Process

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