About the Product Certification Scheme.

Trans Certification International Sdn Bhd is a 3rd Party Certification Body that was founded in 2017. Our Product Certification Scheme Type 5 is based on ISO/IEC 17067:2013, which included product testing and evaluation of the quality management system. We are certifying product according to local and international standard.

In Malaysia, our primary areas of expertise are construction and water product. Trans Certification is currently offering services for product certification in order to meet the legal requirements necessary to access the Malaysian market. Our Product Certification Scheme involves Water and Sewerage Products regulated by the National Water Services Regulatory Agency (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara, SPAN) and Building Materials governed by Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia, (CIDB).

You want to get into the Malaysian market and sell your product there? We can assist your company. By selecting us, our experienced auditors, technological understanding, and high service standards can provide the finest solution to regulate your product under SPAN and CIDB.

The importance of product compliance

=> Legal Requirements

Every business has an obligation to ensure “fitness for purpose” of the products it supplies or uses, so that public safety and a safe workplace is ensured, and the product performs as intended.

=> Competitive Advantage

Customers prefer suppliers, and will specify products, whose production and management have been independently audited and accredited to comply with the standards that govern in the markets you target.

=> Access to Project Tenders

Inclusion on pre-approved tenderer lists for specific Government projects and private developments will require your business to demonstrate capability and reliability. Third party accreditation of the products you intend to use on these projects will support your commercial credibility in satisfying the industry specifiers and your intended customers.

=> Cost Control

Successful managers understand the need to guard against product deficiencies that can result in substantial costs of repair, re-supply, rebuild and rehabilitation as well as litigation, regulatory penalties and lost reputation.

Why do you certify your products with us

• Our experienced auditors listen to the needs of their clients
• We will find the best and most economic solution for you
• We will protect your interests at a global level thanks to our international scope of activities

Who Should Apply?

• Manufacturer
• Agent
• OEM Product Supplier
• Manufacturer for Authorized Brand/ License Brand

Why Us?

  • We obtained recognition from:



Trans Certification is accredited with ISO 17065 for Product Certification.

Product Certification Sheme

Product Certification Scheme

Rules on the Use of TCI’s Product Scheme Certification Marks

Rules on the Use of TCI’s Product Scheme Certification Marks

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