Ocean Bound Plastic

Zero Plastic Oceans (ZPO) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created the Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) certifications and labels in 2019. Aiming to certify that plastic waste is correctly collected and managed, this legal tool offers a complete and transparent vision of the waste’s fate. Composed of professionals from sustainable development, waste management and environmental certification backgrounds, Zero Plastic Oceans works for a clean and healthy ocean every day.

Ocean Bound Plastic is plastic waste defines as “at risk of ending up in the ocean”. OBP is estimated to generate 80% of plastic marine litter. It includes:

  • a small fraction of commercially recyclableplastic waste
  • a lot of non-commercially recyclableplastic waste

OBP is an “Abandoned Plastic Waste” (microplastics, mezzo-plastics and macro-plastics), located within 50km from shores where waste management is inexistent or inefficient. When already located in a landfill or managed dump site, the plastic waste is not considered as OBP. However, when abandoned in an uncontrolled or informal dump site, this waste is considered as OBP.

The OBP Certification Program is designed to encourage the removal of Ocean Bound Plastic from the environment by adding value in effectively collecting and treating it before it reaches the ocean.

The scheme is composed of two subprograms:

OBP Recycling Certification Subprogram.
This certification applies to organizations focusing on commercially recyclable OBP, that either collect OBP, or/and recycle the OBP collected. It is aiming at certifying that OBP waste is ethically converted into new products.
This certification subprogram uses two certification standards:

The OBP Collection Organization Standard, which covers the collection of OBP.
The OBP Recycling Organization Standard, which covers all further steps of recycling, fabrication and sale of recycled OBP good.This certification applies to organizations focusing on non-commercially recyclable OBP, that either collect and treat OBP, or offset a plastic footprint. It is aiming at certifying that OBP waste is ethically collected and treated (eliminated), ensuring corresponding plastic credits are fully verified and traceable and that offsetting claims are real.
This certification subprogram uses two certification standards:

  • The OBP Neutralization Services Provider Standard, which covers the collection, waste management and plastic credit verification.
  • The OBP Plastic Producer & Users Standard, which covers the compensation of a plastic footprint through plastic credits purchase.

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