Product Certification - Certification & Reports

NoCertificate HolderCertificate No.Product NameProduct StandardValidityStatusCertificate
1ANSON EXACT CORPORATION SDN. BHD.PC-TCI-0022021-01Gullies for Building Part 1: Trapped floor gullies with a depth water seal of at least 50mmBS EN 1253-1 201516/02/2023-15/02/2024Active
2BUILDCON-CIMACO CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (N08 PLANT)TCI-PC-013-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201806/04/2023-05/04/2024Active
3MINI-MIX SDN BHD (M01 PLANT)TCI-PC-016-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201929/05/2023-28/05/2024Active

4BUILDCON-CIMACO CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (N11 PLANT)TCI-PC-015-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:202007/06/2023-06/06/2024Active

5BUILDCON CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (B66-2 PLANT)TCI-PC-012-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:202107/06/2023-06/06/2024Active
6BUILDCON-CIMACO CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (N07 PLANT)TCI-PC-018-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201816/06/2023-15/06/2024Active
7BUILDCON CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (B15-1 PLANT)TCI-PC-026-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201828/06/2023-27/06/2024Active

8BUILDCON-CIMACO CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (N03 PLANT)TCI-PC-019-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201806/07/2023-05/07/2024Active
9JBF READYMIX SDN BHD (LUKUT PLANT)TCI-PC-011-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201806/07/2023-05/07/2024

10POLYWARE SDN BHDTCI-PC-020-2023-1Plastics Piping Systems for Water Supply, and for Drainage and
Sewerage Under Pressure
BS EN 12201-3: 2011 +A1: 201221/07/2023-20/07/2026Active
11POLYWARE SDN BHDTCI-PC-020-2023-2Polyethylene (PE) Piping Systems for Water SupplyMS 1058: Part 3: 200621/07/2023-20/07/2026Active
12POLYWARE SDN BHDTCI-PC-020-2023-3Polyethylene (PE) Piping Systems for Water SupplyISO 4427-3: 201921/07/2023-20/07/2026Active
13BUILDCON CONCRETE SDN. BHD. (B66-1 PLANT)TCI-PC-012-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201922/8/2023-21/8/2024Active

14HUME CONCRETE SDN BHDPC-TCI-0012022-01Precast Concrete PilesMS 1314:Part 3: 200422/8/2023- 21/8/2024Active
15HUME CONCRETE SDN BHDPC-TCI-0012022-01Precast Concrete Piles (small size)MS 1314: Part 6:200422/8/2023- 21/8/2024Active
16VIC ENGINEERING SDN BHDTCI-PC-010-2023-01Cast Iron Gate ValvesBS 5163: Part 1: 2004 & BS 5163: Part 2: 2004,26/9/2023-25/9/2024Active
17VIC ENGINEERING SDN BHDTCI-PC-010-2023-07Ductile Iron StrainersSPESIFIKASI JKR 20200-0100-0126/9/2023-25/9/2024Active
18VISTA ERAMAS SDN BHDTCI-PC-003-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:201927/9/2023-26/9/2024Active
19PERFECT READYMIX (SELATAN) SDN BHD (BUKIT MERTAJAM PLANT)TCI-PC-024-2023Ready-Mixed ConcreteMS EN 206:2016 & CIS 21:20192/10/2023-1/10/2024Active