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Butterfly Valves BS EN 593:2009+A1:2011
Air Valves BS EN 1074-4:2000
Air Release, Air/Vacuum, and Combination Air Valve AWWA C512-07
Isolating Valves EN 1074-2:2004
Copper Alloy Gate Valves BS EN 12288:2010
Cast Iron Gate Valves BS EN 1171:2002
Cast Iron Gate Valves BS 5163-1:2004
Copper Alloy Globe, Globe Stop and Check, Check and Gate Valves BS 5154:1991
Isolating Valves and Associated Water Control Apparatus BS 5163-2:2004
Steel Check Valves BS EN 16767:2016
Check Valves BS EN 1074-3:2000
Control Valve BS EN 1074-5:2001
Pilot-Operated Control Valve AWWA C530-12
Copper Alloy Stopvalves BS EN 1213:200
Servicing Valves BS 6675:1986
Manually Operated Copper Alloy and Stainless Steel Ball Valves BS EN 13828:2003
Float Operated Valves BS 1212:Part 1:1990
Piston Type Float Operated Valves MS 1882:2005 (Confirmed 2013)
Water Pressure Valves and Combination Water Reducing Valves BS EN 1567:2000
Resilient-Seated Cast-Iron Eccentric Plug Valves AWWA C517-09
Penstocks BS 7775:2005
Stainless-Steel or StainlessSteel-Lined, Bonnetless, and Knife Gate Valve with Flanged Ends MSS SP-81-2013
Ferrules MS 1396:2006
Sanitary Tapware. Single Taps and Combination Taps BS EN 200:2008
Sanitary Tapware. Single Taps and Combination Taps BS EN 817:2008
Flush Valve MS 2545:2014
Ductile Iron Pillar Hydrants Spesifikasi JKR 20200-0042-99
Water Meters ISO 4064-1:2014, ISO 4064-4:2014
Polyethylene (PE) Piping Systems MS 1058: Part 2:2005
Multilayer Piping Systems BS EN ISO 21003-2:2008+A1:2011
Plastics Piping Systems (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) MS 1736: Part 2:2004
Plastic Piping Systems (Unplasticized PolyVinyl Choride) MS 628-2:2014